Construction works are about to begin, the new house has been named State Gallery of Lower Austria, and we’re finally online (www.lgnoe.at). We’ll provide you with information on all important events, projects, and milestones — all the way to the opening. To start things off, we are pleased to invite you to our groundbreaking ceremony on …... We would love to see you there!

At State Gallery of Lower Austria we will endeavor, right from the start, to live the idea of the museum in a fashion that approaches people in a straightforward and open manner. Our aim is to look at art from the past and the present with today’s eyes and connect to it in the midst of the reality of our lives. A contemporary dialog will also develop between Lower Austrian State Collections and important private collections, such as those of Ernst Ploil and Helmut Zambo. The design of the museum, too, reflects our approach and links the language of the present with an appreciation of our historical heritage.

Our core commitment is to our visitors! We — that’s Bernhard Marte and the team of marte.marte architects; Eva Zwirner and the marketing team; our colleagues in project management, public relations, and management; the team of Lower Austrian State Collections; Günther Oberhollenzer, the new curator, and I. Here’s to all those who breathe life into the new State Gallery of Lower Austria.

We are very grateful for all the support we have received for the new State Gallery of Lower Austria. Above all, we wish to extend our thanks to former Mayor Erich Grabner and the dedicated team of his committee. “We are committed to the new State Gallery, because Krems is important to us.” I can’t think of a simpler or more beautiful way of saying what this initiative is about.

Christian Bauer
Artistic director
State Gallery of Lower Austria

Christian Bauer

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