Spadeful Of Earth State Gallery Of Lower Austria

Vegetable Soup and Spades For Everybody

Vegetable Soup and Spades For Everybody

At long last, construction of the new State Gallery of Lower Austria can finally commence. A true cause for celebration! On Saturday, June 4 at 1 p.m. the official groundbreaking ceremony will be held at Kunstmeile Krems. We invite everyone in and around Krems to join us for this festive occasion. 

Landeshauptmann Erwin Pröll, der Architekt Bernhard Marte und der Künstlerische Direktor Christian Bauer werden den Spatenstich mit den Kremserinnen und Kremsern teilen. Dafür erhalten alle Gäste, Erwachsene wie Kinder, einen Spaten als Geschenk. Alle sind eingeladen, selbst symbolhaft am Bau der Landesgalerie Niederösterreich mitzuwirken.

Governor Dr. Erwin Pröll will turn the first spadeful of earth. Many will follow. To this end, all guests, both grownups and children, will be given a spade as a present. Everyone is invited to break further ground.

The renowned Vienna Vegetable Orchestra will set the mood and add sparkle to the event. Their instruments are created from different types of fresh vegetables, depending on the season and region. For example, hollowed-out cucumbers or carrots are turned into flutes or, with the addition of bell peppers, trumpets. Occasionally the orchestra also uses cooking utensils such as graters, knives or blenders to augment their sound. You’ll have to come and see for yourself if you want to know what types of vegetables from Krems and the Wachau valley they will play. When the concert is over, these musical instruments again become what they really are, namely vegetables. One member of the orchestra is also a chef who will treat the audience to a freshly prepared vegetable soup.

We warmly invite you to take part in the development of this extraordinary museum building!

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