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In my last blog post I sang the praises of the Expedition:Art Mobile Studio of Kunstmeile Krems. Well, we are now finally on tour! Its colorful and imaginative design make our bus hard to overlook. Jam-packed with creative materials, my team and I are traveling to various places in Lower Austria and Vienna. The two workshop programs Creative Cartoons and How an Exhibition is Born have already  received stellar marks from participants.

Come join us on an adventurous expedition!

In the middle of it: Design an exhibition yourself!

"We are opening our first exhibition themed "Golden Egypt” and we’ve created all the exhibits ourselves. We, the artists, had loads of fun making them!” said an intrigued student from Junge Uni (IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems), who took part in the Expedition:Art workshop How an Exhibition is Born.

Workshop participants get to look behind the scenes of a nascent exhibition. They think long and hard about themes, titles, and amazing exhibits as they slip into the role of an artist and ultimately create artistic objects themselves. Aside from a highly professional marketing strategy, the ten to thirteen year-olds also came up with a concept for matching shop items. "Going shopping with other people’s money, that’s a big dream of mine," an enthusiastic participant exclaimed. While some concerned themselves with the best possible labeling of objects, others tinkered to come up with the perfect presentation. What’s more, the opening was not only solemnly celebrated with a speech, on top of it all an art performance was also staged by workshop participants.

Goldenes Ägypten - Eine Ausstellung der Jungen Uni, Fotos: Lucia Täubler

It is very important to me personally that we focus on creating freely, having fun along the way, and enjoying the opportunity to develop an exhibition on our own, harnessing all the possibilities the mobile studio provides. In just three hours, all our aspiring exhibition organizers develop a feel for the entire process, including marketing, exhibition management, art education, shop management, and security issues. What role would you like to slip into?


Creative Cartoons – our animation studio on tour!

Our second workshop program was held at the mobile animation studio of Expedition:Art. Developing stories, creating a storyboard, producing figures, first testing of lighting, finding the right sound, experimenting with zoom and close-up, finalizing scripts, photographing every movement and, ultimately, duplicating sequences, slowing them down or cutting them. These are all tasks we tackle as a team at our animation studio.

I am surprised at the subjects the film team seized on and how they integrated their immediate environment into their work. Certainly, the Karikaturmuseum Krems plays a key role here, as well as excitement about the next adventure. "We’re designing a circus, we already have the circus ring. Do you think I can make a lion from this?" The participants showed me the already completed bleachers of the circus ring, which were filled with audience members. The camera pans to people cheering in the bleachers. With sensitivity and deliberation, stories were developed and transformed into short stop-motion animation sequences drawing on numerous individual photos. "We don’t want any sound, we’d rather use speech balloons instead, like a living cartoon," an excited young director explained.

This is always about adapting the ideas laid down in the script, discussing them from different angles, and bringing them to the screen. The teams communicate a lot with each other, need to find compromises, and settle disputes. Of course, heated discussions can involve quite emotional encounters! My team and I moderate the film team, provide help with technical and design issued as well as suggestions at various points. Here we go, the film is rolling!

Embark on an expedition into worlds of art and cartoons that you and your team members control — look behind the scenes of an exhibition in development and immerse yourself in your own animated cartoon. The spirit of discovery is kindled in both workshops and creativity is encouraged, along with team spirit and solidarity. I warmly invite you to join us at one of our next public events and give this workshop a try:

Expedition:Art summer events for children and families:

Fri July 15 and Sat July 16: Alles Marille in Krems

Wed, July 20, 9 a.m.– 12 p.m.: Summer tour stop at Gemeindeplatz Rohrendorf

Thu, July 28, 11 a.m – 5 p.m.: Summer vacation fun at Birngruber Krems

Fri, July 29, 11 a.m – 5 p.m: Active Summer at Birngruber Tulln (register here)


The Art Education team will be pleased to assist you with your registration at  or +43 2732 908010.


Lucia Täubler, Head of Art Education at Kunstmeile Krems


We extend our sincere thanks to Autohaus Birngruber Krems*Tulln*Langenlois

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