Johann Hauser

Drawings of Immediate Intensity

Drawings of Immediate Intensity

Drawings of Immediate Intensity

Drawn with simple lead and color pencils, Johann Hauser’s works show outstanding color effects and expressiveness. With his distinctive stroke and mostly against a white paper background, he created a colorful, extraordinary cosmos of imagery. We see adorable elephants at play and fish display their bare teeth. The sun, the moon, and blue stars are shining. Above all, however, Hauser chose women as the subject of his art, drawing them with an obsessive vehemence, over and over. They face the viewer frontally, with striking body shapes and magnificent heads of hair, in colorful, wide garments, or in the nude. Their breasts and genitals are overly emphasized, often accentuated even more by the signal color red.

In the late nineteen forties, Hauser was admitted to the Gugging Psychiatric Clinic. Psychiatrist Leo Navratil discovered and strongly supported his artistic talents early on. From 1981 until his death, he lived and worked at the "Gugging House of Artists,” a residence and working environment where patients were given the opportunity to independently follow their artistic pursuits. Today, Hauser’s works are on display at the Museum Gugging.

Johann Hauser, Frau, August 1, 1985
© Collection Helmut Zambo, Badenweiler-Vienna

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