Michael Höpfner

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Walking Through the Cycles

Born in Lower Austria, Michael Höpfner has travelled for twenty years through remote regions of the world, such as the Tibetan high plateau along rivers in Albania, or through valleys in the Alps. He traverses landscapes on foot while on hikes lasting several weeks, capturing these in photographs, drawings, and journal entries. Höpfner sees his wanderings as a searching for man’s connection to nature. His works tell of silence, an absence of words and loneliness, of existential experiences, both physical and mental, of simple orders of magnitude such as time and space, emptiness and distance.

For his solo exhibition at the State Gallery of Lower Austria, Höpfner creates new works that seek to capture his wanderings from the past two decades. “Walking, as I do, is always an artistic act that rebels, protests, and seeks to inscribe experience with something new,” emphasizes Höpfner. “As an artist, I wasn’t interested in working in a studio but in getting outside and searching for our lost connection to nature. This estrangement has always been an inspiration for me.”

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