The question of our identity cannot be underestimated in its importance. Always relevant, the topic remains forever exciting. The urge for self-portrayal is central in our culture and the possibilities for it have never been as plentiful as they are today. Groundbreaking insights of the modern age are a precondition of the contemporary view of one’s own person, and no one managed to do this more consistently than Egon Schiele. His statement “I am everything at once” is an entirely new basis for self-expression. Peering behind the human facade becomes the central message and effectively captures the modern and contemporary art. If we are not what we appear to be, then what are we? Art leads the way in the exploration of identity. Artists’ findings on the path to self-discovery are stronger, more meaningful and more lasting than those made by doctors, psychologists and philosophers who have walked the same path. This is exemplified by the exhibition in six chapters.

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