The German artist Angela Glajcar (b. 1970) is developing an extraordinary and expansive installation out of paper for the ground floor of the State Gallery of Lower Austria. She layers white sheets of paper, spaced a few centimeters apart, next to each other in various configurations, creating depth and new spaces by ripping holes in the paper.

A connection to the Wachau

The installation in the State Gallery of Lower Austria elicits associations with landscapes and vineyards, thus making reference to the surrounding Wachau region. In the middle of this fascinating world, the artist plans places for lingering, spots that invite visitors to enjoy the integral spatial experience.

Glajcar’s works have a delicate, elaborate but also archaic character. The paper picks up the hues and lighting situation of its surroundings, thus constantly altering its appearance.

First museum exhibition in Austria

Glajcar has created site-specific installations for institutions such as the National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington, the Powerlong Museum Shanghai, and the Museum Wiesbaden. In the State Gallery of Lower Austria, the internationally renowned artist is realizing her largest on-site work to date, which is also her first museum exhibition in Austria.

Curator: Gerda Ridler

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