Carola Dertnig

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Danube traces

Carola Dertnig’s works (installations, videos, and performances) are about artistic processes—related to historiography, genres, or perspectives. She develops structures for missing histories and invents persons or entire settings that infiltrate the past.
Playing a role in the exhibition are excavations conducted in 2016–17 during construction of the State Gallery of Lower Austria. Medieval as well as Roman finds and generational changes are merged together, thereby raising the following concerns: What does it mean when the past impinges on the present—is this enough to inspire an understanding of the present as a form of the past? How distinct are historical shifts? How does construction impact living and planned spaces, how does it alter paths and routes, or the relationship between city and countryside? Dertnig’s alternating between generations and places, memories and experiences, establishes relationships between such histories and reveals them in various ways.

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