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Lieselott Beschorner is a tremendous loner. The artist, now ninety-three years old, began creating her works in 1945, among the ruins of World War II. Over a period of more than seven decades, Beschorner has constructed a one-of-a-kind universe, and one whose center is always herself. Visitors to her house are captivated by a bewildering array of media and styles. Nudes, abstractions, fantastic faces she refers to as “grotesqueries” and “emotionalities,” collages, textile figures, clay heads and masks, relief pictures, redesigned cardboard busts – Beschorner turns everything she encounters into art. She can’t help herself. Even found objects and collector’s items become part of this wondrous universe.

Lieselott Beschorner joined Vienna’s Secession in 1951, becoming one of the first female members of this artist association. This was followed by a number of successful exhibitions before Beschorner dropped out of public view in the 1980s. This hiatus was interrupted in 2011 by an exhibition at Wien Museum MUSA. On the occasion of the artist’s ninetieth birthday, however – in contrast to former fellow students such as Arik Brauer and Arnulf Rainer – there was no exhibition marking this event. The State Gallery of Lower Austria now pays tribute to Beschorner’s artistic oeuvre with an exhibition focusing on clay works and ceramics, but with a view to the entirety of her oeuvre.

An exhibition at the State Gallery of Lower Austria in cooperation with Wien Museum

Curators: Bertold Ecker and Christian Bauer

Due to the measures to contain Covid-19, the exhibition was extended from March to April 2021.

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