#MyMuseum – Presentation

#MyMuseum – The Exhibition

A selection of State Gallery of Lower Austria models designed by participants will be shown on Sunday, 03.03.2019, as part of the three-day pre-opening.
Opening Sun, 03.03. 2019, 11am
duration 05.03. – 24.03.2019 
Opening hours: Tue – Sun,  10am – 18pm

free entry

#MyMuseum – The ambassadors in Krems

The visitors’ museum visions will act as public and private-space ambassadors of the State Gallery of Lower Austria after the opening of the building (01. - 03.03.2019) until the grand opening of the museum between the 25. - 26.05.2019: in shops, at partner institutions, but also in living rooms and schools. The individually designed models of the State Gallery of Lower Austria are bound to cause great anticipation in the run-up to the opening. 

#MyMuseum – The Booklet

The project’s results will be summarized in a booklet which will also show a selection of the designed State Gallery of Lower Austria models, as well as opinions on the #MyMuseum exhibition. The project will be communicated across all of the State Gallery of Lower Austria’s digital channels.

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