#MyMuseum – Teilnehmen

#MyMuseum – The tour through Lower Austria

The State Gallery of Lower Austria’s artistic director, Christian Bauer, and its curator Günther Oberhollenzer visit schools throughout Lower Austria to personally give them a Bernhard and to talk to students about their personal ideas about the State Gallery of Lower Austria. Recommended for: pupils from age 6. Duration: 1 to 2 lessons. Participation by appointment:  | T +43 2732 908010
26. – 30. 11. 2018

#MyMuseum – Ideas workshop for adults and families

For all who don’t want to design their Bernhard at home, the #MyMuseum workshops are a good opportunity to work creatively on individual visions of the State Gallery of Lower Austria alongside other visitors and anyone who is interested. No registration required. Participation is free.

Education Center of the Kunstmeile Krems
01 .12. 2018 
05. 01. 2019 
23. 02. 2019 
2pm – 5pm

POP-Up Workshops at Bühl Center Krems 
08. 12. 2018 
15. 12. 2018 
12. 01. 2019 
2pm – 5pm

#MyMuseum – Workshops for schools and groups upon request

The State Gallery of Lower Austria’s students’ visions take shape in the Krems Art Mile studio’s ideas workshop. One Bernhard can be jointly designed per group. Duration: 1 to 2 lessons. Bookable upon request:  | T +43 2732 908010

For groups with limited mobility, personal visits can be arranged by the State Gallery of Lower Austria’s mediation body wherever possible.

 #MyMuseum – Pick-up and return of the Bernhards

Pick up your museum model, the Bernhard, to design at home or at the education center of Kunstmeile Krems!

All Lower Austrians interested in designing their Bernhard at home, at school or at club rooms can pick one up, along with an information package. You can also exchange ideas with the art mediators and can submit your Bernhard at Krems Art Mile when you have finished designing it. No registration required. Addresse: Steiner Landstraße 3, 3500 Krems 

13. – 15. 12. 2018 
17. – 19. 01. 2019 
2pm – 4pm

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