Renate Bertlmann

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Here Lies My Tenderness

Comprising a wealth of perspectives, art genres as well as themes and content, Renate Bertlmann’s work has formed the cornerstone of our cultural lives for more than 50 years. It goes without saying, that her work has consequently been exposed to extensive criticism. The artist considers her position to be that of the lover. “Amo ergo sum” (I love, therefore I am) is the origin and outline of her artistic work. She considers love to be a holistic sensory experience and her topics range from gender roles to religion and the rituals that frame man‘s death.
In her work, she often takes on various roles and undergoes transformations. Whilst it is her first solo exhibit in a museum, it also runs parallel to a solo exhibition at the Biennale di Venezia. Renate Bertlmann has personally curated the project and showcases recent exhibits as well as her creative work dating back to the 1970‘s.

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