Spaces of desire

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Touched nature and occupied landscapes

the Relationship between humankind
and nature

Since the 19th century, Lower Austria’s cultural landscape has offered inspiration and peace to those seeking relaxation. Amongst these seekers were many artists, including Egon Schiele. Extending from the Wachau region to Trieste, a varied trail of exhibitions arose out of this feeling of longing. The exhibits create a dialogue between pieces belonging to the Atmospheric Impressionism movement, classical modernism and contemporary works. The exhibition raises the question to what extent the understanding of cultural space remains to be influenced by romantic ideas, and which strategies humans use to mold nature into “our” own landscape. It also addresses the critical viewpoint of nature that has been occupied and made user-friendly; a nature that seems idyllic but reveals itself as a human construct when examined more closely. At it‘s core, the exhibition comprises art depicting Lower Austrian dreams of longing. The pieces are considered to be examples of anywhere and the work raises the fundamental question as to the relationship between humankind and nature.

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