State Gallery of Lower Austria

State Gallery of Lower Austria is a new, dynamic exhibition space for Austrian art and artists. It brings together the holdings of Lower Austrian State Collections with important private collections and engages with the issues of our time through theme and solo exhibitions. Covering all art forms, the program focuses on the realities of human experience and builds a dialog between the new and the old.

Landesgalerie Niederösterreich © marte.marte

State Gallery of Lower Austria reflects Lower Austria as a landscape at the nexus between Vienna and neighboring countries that has greatly contributed to the history of European art. To this day, it provides outstanding artists with an inspiring living environment. 


State Gallery of Lower Austria's chief commitment is to its visitors, its dedication to education and communication is visible throughout the building. Its exhibitions are designed to appeal to contemporary audiences and speak their language. The unique “twist” of its architectural design makes State Gallery of Lower Austria an expression of the present, as well. A welcoming atmosphere and the open, communication-friendly character of the house make it a cultural meeting place at the gate to the Wachau valley.

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