The Friends of Kunstmeile Krems

Friends are important in life. That is true for museums, too. Art needs friends, and thus the Society of Friends of Kunstmeile Krems was founded in 1992. Already counting 500 members, it provides non-material and financial support to the institutions of Kunstmeile Krems. 

As a friend, you contribute to making this special place of culture possible. You support the State Gallery of Lower Austria, Kunsthalle Krems, including Forum Frohner, as well as the Karikaturmuseum Krems. You sponsor the realization of valuable exhibition projects, art books, and numerous art education programs.

Committee for the Support of the State Gallery of Lower Austria

During the planning phase for the State Gallery of Lower Austria, a separate support committee was set up by members of The Friends of Kunstmeile Krems, which was founded in 1992. It has shown great commitment to the museum.

"We are committed to the new art museum, because Krems is important to us,"  said Erich Grabner, the speaker of the committee. The former mayor is the founder of the Friends of Kunstmeile Krems has greatly contributed to the development of the town and its art mile.

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